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Regina Casteleijn-Osorno

Regina Casteleijn-Osorno is a Senior Program Manager for the ITP Summer School minor at Aalto University with a long history in teaching and a passion for pedagogy. She has been teaching in higher education and companies for the last two years and has a keen interest in developing entrepreneurship. She has also had her own small business for many years. Regina is about to embark on her PhD journey at the University of Turku School of Economics in the Department of Entrepreneurship. Work-life balance is essential to her, and it is always worth mentioning she is a mother of three lovely active and curious children. Regina recorded all Finland Works podcasts.

Peter Kenttä

Peter Kenttä (D.Sc.) is a visiting lecturer at Aalto University and a management educator at Filosofian Akatemia. He has a decade of private sector experience in educating management teams and middle managers in leadership and organisational development. At Aalto University, Peter teaches Leading as Practice, Leadership Theory and Advanced Personal Leadership. His typical research topics include leadership, well-being at work, and interpersonal communication. He is currently researching how management education and research could be made more impactful and relevant considering the grand challenges of our time. He lives in Singapore.

Tanja Makkonen

Tanja Makkonen is a Senior Manager in Career Services at Aalto University School of Business. She has been planning, implementing and developing the services related to Aalto University students’ career planning and job hunting for more than ten years. She is an experienced career coach and trainer. Tanja has been working closely with students, employers and the School’s alumni. She has also contributed to many career-related projects within the university as well as at the national level. Tanja is an active member in national collaboration networks related to career services, career design, and employment & career monitoring.

Kaisa Paasivirta

Kaisa Paasivirta is a Manager of the International Talent Program at Aalto University. Her work focuses on helping international students to connect with industry and build meaningful careers in Finland. Kaisa has extensive experience in designing and delivering career services for international students. She collaborates closely with Aalto’s partner companies and alumni. Kaisa has led a Talent Boost project for Aalto University, contributing actively towards international talent attraction and retention activities in the Finnish capital region.

Niina Pitkänen

Niina Pitkänen is a Work-Life Specialist who has worked at top Finnish Universities for over ten years. She has been designing, developing and teaching numerous work-life courses from life design and job hunting to mentoring skills, entrepreneurship and multidisciplinary project work with companies. In leading, expert, and coordination roles, Niina has also participated in many national initiatives concerning work-life pedagogy and entrepreneurship in higher education. In addition to specialising in work-life pedagogy and company collaboration in higher education, she is an educated business advisor, mentor, and life skills instructor. Regarding work-life balance, Niina is a mother of three lovely boys. 

Saku Tihveräinen

Saku Tihveräinen is a professional recruiter with ten years of experience. The recruitment career has taken Saku to in-house roles both in the public and private sectors. Saku has worked in IT recruitment for the last four years, gradually shifting focus from in-house to consultant roles. Concurrent to work, Saku works on his PhD research at Helsinki University, collaborating with Edinburgh Business School. His research focuses on recruitment and how people choose jobs, especially in the so-called shortage occupations.

Responsible teacher

Laura Sivula is Head of Summer School and Program Director at Aalto University School of Business. Her current work focuses on future skills, life-wide learning and higher education development. Laura has worked with companies and partners with co-learning initiatives at Aalto University and witnessed the intertwining relationship of business and higher education.

Course coordinator

Silva Saulio

Silva Saulio is a Project Specialist at Aalto University. She is involved in several development and collaborative projects at Aalto University. The projects include elements of challenge-based learning, university-industry collaboration and working life.


Johanna Fagerström is a Marketing Specialist at Aalto University. Her current work focuses on life-wide learning marketing and communications, and strengthening global partnerships. Johanna has a background in both the start-up world and higher education.


Hilla Semeri is a graphic designer and illustrator studying BA at Aalto University. At the moment she is working full-time on versatile commissions as a freelance designer.


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