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Kirsi LaPointe, D.Sc., is a senior advisor at Aalto University’s Career Design Lab. Her expertise focuses on career identity, transitions, and meaningful work, and she is particularly interested in creative and narrative approaches to understanding and facilitating fulfilling and sustainable careers. Prior to her current position, she has worked as a lecturer, researcher, facilitator, and consultant in Finland and the U.S. Kirsi is an alumna of Aalto University’s School of Business where she defended her dissertation on narrative identity work in career transitions in 2011.

Frank Martela, PhD, is a university lecturer at Aalto University, a philosopher, and a researcher of psychology, specialised in the question of meaning in life.His quest is to understand what to do, value, and aim for in this unfolding experience called human life. He investigates the fundamentals of happiness, meaningfulness, human basic needs, and good life to deliver insights that can help each of us to live a slightly better and more self-chosen life. His book A Wonderful Life – Insights on Finding a Meaningful Experience (HarperCollins 2020) has been translated into 25 different languages. Frank is an alumnus of Aalto University’s School of Science where he defended his dissertation on compassion and caregiving in 2012.

Asta Raami, D.A., is an intuition researcher, educator, author, and founder of Innerversity. Asta has worked 15 years in the academic field and written several books on the use of intuition as a factor in expertise and the general skills of work life as well as on harnessing the potential of intuition in visionary and radical innovations. Asta is an alumna of Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design, and Architecture where she defended her dissertation on the development of intuition in creative processes in 2015.


Johanna Fagerström is a Marketing Specialist at Aalto University. Her current work focuses on life-wide learning marketing and communications, and strengthening global partnerships. Johanna has a background in both the start-up world and higher education.

Natalia Villaman is a Research Assistant at Aalto University, and a PhD Researcher at University of Helsinki. Her research focuses on exploring the role of facilitation as a civic skill to strengthen political efficacy and participatory democracy. Natalia has a background in design, sustainability, and cultural mediation.

Ulla Eskola is a career coach and a designer. With degrees in education and design, she helps ARTS students find their professional voice and develop their portfolios. Currently she also coordinates and provides artistic direction to Career Design Lab’s activities in facilitating sustainable careers.

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