We are currently experiencing a 4th industrial revolution and various technologies are changing the way we work, live and organize. In this course we focus specifically on how white-collar knowledge work is changing and define work as paid employment. The pace and the various new demands of this technology driven change are fundamentally challenging for us as individuals, organisations and societies. It is, however, important to note that this development is not new as work has always been changing, what is new is the pace of the change.  Thus, we are not discussing a new phenomenon but rather shedding light on yet another new phase of change.  

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There are three ways to perform this course: First, you can perform all the assignments and afterwards apply for credits. Secondly, you can opt for the chapters most suitable to you and do the assignments in whichever order you like. If you choose to perform the whole course and all the given assignments, make sure you have done all the assignments! Only then, you are eligible to apply for credits after completion.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand and be able to discuss the structural drivers impacting work, organisations and leadership
  • Evaluate and analyse your organisation and culture
  • Apply your understanding of how cognition should change
  • Create sustainable individual and organisational work

Course workload:

  • Online course core content 20h
  • Class preparation/readings 14h
  • Quizzes 10h
  • Open-ended assignments 10h


This course is marked as pass/fail. In order to complete the course successfully and apply for 2 ECTS, you must complete all the self-directed study sessions, quizzes and open-ended assignments.

  • 20% progression in self-directed study sessions
  • 40% quizzes
  • 40% open-ended assignments

Course syllabus:

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